Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Anybody out there interested in Touhou? The cosplay at conventions is really cool.

Here is someone cosplaying as Cirno from Touhou.

Cirno is probably my favorite character from the series. She is such an idiot sometimes but she is usually relaxed and doesn't have a worry in the world.

My second favorite if I had to say it would be Reimu. She is a shrine maiden but she is very cute in my opinion. She has one of the best costumes in the series. I mean look at this outfit that Reimu wears it's such an amazing outfit.

I mean look at this outfit! Isn't it so cool?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Visual Novels!

Does anybody read them? I am currently reading Steins;Gate. It is an amazing book and I have only just started reading it.

Here's a picture of the "Genius girl."
If you've read the novel you would understand why they call her that. She ends up talking about a bunch of stuff about time travel and all this physics stuff that is WAY out of my league. I could only understand a little bit as my knowledge in that field isn't as great as I would like it to be.


Anyway I'm at the part where the main character is getting an exorcist because he seen the genius girl killed and he thinks a ghost is following him or something. Yeah the main character is majorly paranoid about everything it would seem like.

He's also with a new "Girl" Character that I've just met for the first time. Although I can't seem to remember her name, haha. Anyways, here a screen shot of took of her while reading.

The new "Girl" is the one on the right.

The opening song for the VN was pretty cool too. I love the lyrics. Check it out!

I really love the lyrics they are truly amazing. I got a video with subtitles for those who cant understand Japanese.

Anime, anyone?

Now I'm a huge fan of Japan. But could you guess that I also love their cartoons too? There cartoons are called "Anime" I spend a little time each month sitting down and watching a show that I purchased in Japan. I can understand Japanese and speak the language but I can't write or read.

Anyway the shows that I have watched in the past are Neon Genesis, K-on(S1&2), Lucky Star, and Higurashi.

The one that I like the most? I would have to say Higurashi. It has such a unique story unlike any other. I want to hear what you guys think. Leave a comment below and tell me what you have been watching or have watched on a previous date.

Here's a picture of the main characters My Favorite character is Rika. She in the front row on the right.