Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Visit To Japan: Shopping In Shibuya and Visiting Mt.Fuji!

I did some great shopping in the Shibuya distrect. I picked up some clothing and some things to take home with me to remind me of my trip.

This picture is a crossing in Shibuya, as you can see there is tons of people getting ready to cross the street. Believe it or not, it looks like this at ALL hours of the day. Can you believe that? It's hard too believe. Just imagine this many people crossing the street at midnight! It is truly crazy.

Here is one more if you couldn't believe it. Here is the famous busy intersection at night time. It is crazy! I don't know why it is so busy at this time. It is great however. The lighting in Shibuya is truly an amazing sight for the eyes.

Well, well, Let's move on shall we? 

I took the train to see Mt.Fuji. It was phenomenal as this was my first time actually going there. As many times as I've been to japan you would have thought I would have at least been to Mt.Fuji at least once!

Here is some pictures that were snapped after arriving at Mt.Fuji.

I also took a visit to "Children's World" after we arrived at Fuji. Here is a picture that was snapped of Children's World. It has Mt.Fuji in the background. Outstanding I must say.

Here is one of the baby sheep from Children's World. It is so cute! I wish more would photos were taken.

There isn't much more to say. I took the train back to Shibuya and walked around the wonderful city for a while. I ended up going back to my hotel and going straight to bed as I was exhausted from all the walking I did.

I'll be sure to post part 3! I went to Tokyo Tower. A must see if you ever get the chance to travel to Japan.

My Visit To Japan: My Hotel and Its Features! Part 1

Japan was one of my favorite places to visit! I have been there on more then one occasion. The first time I landed in Tokyo. It truly is a wonderful city.

I landed in Tokyo and I stayed at the Shinjiku Hotel which is located in the Shibuya district. Now I have been loyal to that hotel as every time I've traveled to Tokyo I would stay at this hotel. It has many wonderful things about it. My most favorite one being the chance to go down to their dining area they call Villazza which is basically a trattoria style restaurant, a cafe and bar, a casual relaxing cafe. Then for the most memorable experience you can go the the bar they call the "Bar Ku Kon."

These are various photos from the dining hall. 

This photo is the Villazza.

This next photo is a photo of the "Bar Ku Kon." As you can see it has a nice relaxing atmosphere to it.

The hotel is truly an amazing place and if I choose to travel back to Japan I would definitely stay at Shinjuku Hotel again. They treat their customers with uttermost loyalty and the food is tasteful and great too!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my visit to japan. I did some wonderful shopping in Tokyo and after wards visited Mt.Fuji! I'll put part 2 here once I have finished writing it!